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At Cloud-IAM, plans are defined by customers and based on their needs for total number of users and realms. Please find here all plans available.

Soft limits

When one of your deployment reaches its plan limits (for example the maximum number of users or maximum number of realms), our team will be notified and will contact you to talk about what to do next :

  • either remove users or realms
  • or upgrade to a bigger subscription plan

We never stop our customer deployments without multiple prior notice.

Upgrade my Cloud-IAM plan

For various reasons, you may find the need to upgrade to a higher plan, such as an increased need for more users or realms. To facilitate a smooth upgrade process, please follow these steps depending on your actual plan :

Step 1 - Create Your New Deployment :

Utilize our automated creation form by clicking on "+ Create New Deployment" in your "deployment" space on the Cloud-IAM portal.

Detailed instructions can be found in our documentation Deploy managed keycloak. Once your new deployement is created follow the next steps deppending on your use case.

Step 2 - Data Export and Import Process:

For Little Lemur Plan

If you were on a Little Lemur plan on your "old deployment", this plan don't have access to "Export"/"Import" feature from Cloud-IAM App, please reach out to Cloud-IAM support.

Provide the name of the old deployment and the new deployment, and we will handle the data migration for you, and ensures that you retain all the characteristics of your old deployment.


Note that the URL of your deployment will change from [] to the URL of your new dedicated deployment.

For Little Bunny or higher Plan

You can contact the support or do it by yourself this way :

  1. Export your data from the "Export" section on Cloud-IAM App of your old deployment. This export contain (client, user, credentials, group, roles, ...).
  2. Import this export into your newly created deployment.

Regardless of the method you choose or your use case, Cloud-IAM support is here to assist you with any questions or uncertainties during your upgrade.

For more information on Exports/Imports, please refer to our dedicated page.


Note that if you have made any of the following configurations on your old deployment:

  • Configuration on Cloud-IAM App features (experimental features, environment variables,...)
  • Custom Extension

These configurations will not be taken into account during the export/import process on the new deployment. To address this, you will need to redefine them manually.