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FAQ - Realms

Can realms be organized in a hierarchy (realm in a realm)?

There is no realm hierarchy as they all stand at the same level with a strong isolation. If hierarchy is a requirement then leverage "groups" instead.

Redirection to a specific Keycloak realm

When browsing a Cloud-IAM Keycloak's deployment (e.g. ) at the root path / the user is redirected to the admin console of the master realm by default.

Cloud-IAM customer's might have on of their requirement:

  • Customize the default / redirect behavior
  • Redirect the user to a specific realm's depending on some requirements
  • Setup a static page instead of redirecting the user to the master realm's admin console

These kind of features are out of Cloud-IAM scope since they depends a lot on the customer's use-case but there are multiple way to handle this:

  • setup a reverse-proxy in front of Keycloak's deployment to manage this kind of redirects
  • put special logic on the application side before redirecting to the right URL (realm choice included)