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Keycloak consulting services of Cloud-IAM

Cloud-IAM company offer consulting services related to Keycloak within our SaaS or on premise.

Get assistance

Cloud-IAM Keycloak consulting services is here to help you to:

  • Get expert advice and guidance for custom extension development
  • Keycloak training and workshops
  • Complete installation of your Keycloak instance
  • Configuration and customization projects
  • Best practicing and security recommendations on your Keycloak
  • Support on Keycloak,
  • and more ...

How to contact Keycloak consulting services

Contact form

You can contact directly our Keycloak consulting services via our contact form available on Cloud-IAM website and ask for 'Consulting Request'.


You can contact our Keycloak consulting services by e-mail on this following address:

Ticket center from Cloud-IAM App

In order to access Cloud-IAM ticket center, you have to create an account.

Access to the support ticket form

Cloud-IAM Console - Access to the support ticket center
Cloud-IAM Console - Access to the support ticket center
  1. Log in to Cloud-IAM App
  2. Click on Support present in the navbar (1)
  3. Select + Open New Ticket (2)

Complete the support ticket form

Cloud-IAM Console - Complete the support ticket form
Cloud-IAM Console - Complete the support ticket form
  1. Choose the category from the list [i.e category: consulting] (1)
  2. Indicate the subject of your ticket (2)
  3. Complete and fill out your request (you can also attach file to detail your request) (3)
  4. Finally click on Submit New Ticket, your ticket will be automatically sent to our Keycloak consulting services. (4)

Availability of Keycloak consulting services

Cloud-IAM's Keycloak Experts are based in France 🇫🇷, and support is available during office hours in Europe.

Consulting services for your Keycloak deployment

As mention previously Cloud-IAM can either help you on your own Keycloak (on promised) or on your managed Keycloak by Cloud-IAM.

Managed Keycloak by Cloud-IAM (Expert support level)

As part of our Expert support level, Cloud-IAM consulting service is included as part of your plan. This can be used individually or grouped together for a more efficient integration process. Please note that the number of days required may vary depending on the complexity of your request and defined by Cloud-IAM consulting service.

Managed Keycloak by Cloud-IAM (Legacy/Standard/Professional support level)

If you do not have an Expert-level plan, you can still access our consulting services. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements, and we'll provide a customized proposal outlining the additional cost and consulting hours or days needed to complete your request.

On-premise Keycloak

Whether you have a self-managed Keycloak instance or not, our team is here to provide tailored consulting services to support you on Keycloak. We will collaborate with you to identify your needs and provide a personalized quote for the necessary consulting time, and sent you a list with resources that we might need to provide you support.