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FAQ - Billing

How can I get my invoices?

The invoices are available through the 'Billing details' button on the Organization page. You'll get access to the payment methods and to the previous invoices.

Does the cost indicated in the pricing include infrastructure expenses?

Yes, when considering our pricing structure, it's essential to note that the costs provided include cost of :

  • cloud provider,
  • backup server,
  • monitoring and supervision system,
  • support level depending on your choice.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive solution, without hidden fees, so that you can make the most of our partnership.

What Are the Direct (and Indirect) Costs?

Our services incur only direct costs—there are no hidden or indirect expenses. Our flexible offerings are tailored to your specific requirements:

  • encompassing plan definition (total number of users and desired realms),
  • cloud provider selection (Scaleway, 3DSOutscale, GCP, AWS, Azure),
  • support level choice (Standard, Professional, Expert). This includes availability SLAs, Keycloak expertise, and access to our on-call team.

With the freedom to configure your Keycloak vanilla environment, there are no additional charges for extra features (unlimited integrations to AD, LDAP, Social LogIn / unlimited integration of your custom extension). The only potential "occasional reinvestment" is our consulting service.

This transparent approach allows effective budget planning while maximizing the benefits of our partnership.

Does Cloud-IAM allow POC / Trial period ?

No, unfortunately Cloud-IAM does not offer a trial period or POC as part of our offers.

That being said, Cloud-IAM provides these prospects with a “Little Bunny” plan giving you access to all the available features of Cloud-IAM & Keycloak. It can be used for one month without any commitment, allowing you to test our service in depth.