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On-call support team of Cloud-IAM

Cloud-IAM on-call support team monitors your deployment 24/7 to ensure your Keycloak is running perfectly. In the event of an P1-critical incident and depending on whether you benefit from an expert level of support, you can immediately trigger an incident so that our team can intervene as quickly as possible.

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Cloud-IAM on-call support team is here to help you to:

When to use the on-call feature

This feature was created in order to trigger our on-call team for any incidents that directly impact your Keycloak and user's login issue.

This functionality is therefore not intended to replace support tickets, but to complement it in the event of an emergency.

To summarize the usage

✅ You can use the Trigger On-Call when an incident is impacting your Keycloak and the ability of your user to login.

❌ You may not use the Trigger On-Call for questions about customization, configuration, or any other matters that can be handled during business hours.

Be aware any misuse will be billed at €200. More information about Incident Severity Levels SLA

How to trigger on-call support

In order to access Cloud-IAM dedicated on-call ticket center, you have to create an account and be added to your organization containing the impacted deployment.

Access to the on-call ticket form

Cloud-IAM Console - Access to the on-call ticket center
Cloud-IAM Console - Access to the on-call ticket center
  1. Log in to Cloud-IAM App
  2. Select Support from the navigation bar (1)
  3. Click on On-call Team (2)

Complete the on-call team form

Cloud-IAM Console - Complete the on-call team form
Cloud-IAM Console - Complete the on-call team form
  1. Choose the affected deployment from the list (1)
  2. Describe and detail the encountered incident (2)
  3. Confirm that your incident is a critical emergency (3)
  4. Finally click on Report Incident. (4)

As soon as you complete the form and clicked on Report Incident, our on-call team will be immediately alerted

Trigger on-call team process

Once the incident is triggered to our on-call team, the steps will follow:

  1. Notify Cloud-IAM on-call team with acknowledgement process,
  2. Creation of a support ticket, copied to all members of your organization,
  3. Making contact from the technical expert in charge of your incident to acknowledge your incident via the previous support ticket,
  4. Incident management by the technical expert and continuous communication (via ticket and Email) until the end of the incident.

Availability of on-call support team

Cloud-IAM on-call support team are available 24/7.

Response time of on-call support team

For an expert level support deployment on a P1-critical incident, the response time is maximum 1 hour.

For more information about response time, please visit our SLA page.

On-call team members

The members of the Cloud-IAM on-call team are SRE engineers who have been with the Cloud-IAM company for at least 6 months.

They are trained on Cloud-IAM procedures, Keycloak and the different cloud providers of Cloud-IAM, allowing them to quickly resolve incidents.