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FAQ - Products & Services

What's the difference between self-hosted Keycloak and Cloud-IAM?

The answer depends on the size of your Ops team as well as its level of maturity on DevOps practices.

To get your self-hosted Keycloak running you need to consider:

  • Installation
  • Configuration management
  • Supervision and alerting
  • Backups
  • Patch Management
  • Upgrade management, each new version must be qualified
  • Security hardening and infrastructure updates

When our Cloud-IAM expert team setup self-hosted Keycloak clusters for our consulting clients, it can take between 20 and 25 days of work, which we often see spread over a 2 months period (minimum) in order to setup 2 environments (staging and production).

This estimate includes knowledge transfer and it ends when the consulting client starts to connect its applications to the production IAM.

With Cloud-IAM you get a battle tested, production ready Keycloak cluster in 1 hour.

Are you running Kubernetes clusters for the deployments?

No, deployments are built on bare metal servers to ensure a complete isolation.

Can I deploy custom theme on free plan?

No, as free plan run on shared instance, we can not allow customers to deploy custom extensions for security reasons.

This advanced feature is available in our paid plans who are by nature dedicated deployments just like the [Little Bunny]. This plans offer more extensive options to cater to specific needs, such as : Custom Extension, Access to Logs & Metrics, Exports of your keycloak deployment, Configuration environment variable and secure your keycloak deployment.

SSL / TLS protocols supported

Cloud-IAM only supports TLS protocol v1.2 and v1.3. We don't accept any version of SSL protocol anymore due to previous vulnerabilities.

Do we have access to a developpement/test/staging environment?

No, a developpement/test/staging environment is a deployment on this own, and the deployment cost is infrastructure which is not include in any plan or level of support.

Does I need a developpement/test/staging environment?

Yes, we do recommend a development/test/staging environment to all our customer, especially for customers who have multiple extensions installed on their Keycloak.

This allows them, a verification of the behavior of a new Keycloak version, from a test environment without impacting your customers on production.

Does I have access to the cloud Provider ?

No, you won't have access to the cloud provider that host your deployment to ensure maximum security, privacy.