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FAQ - Migrate Off Cloud-IAM

Can I Unsubscribe from Cloud-IAM?

Certainly! While we'll be sad to see you go, we understand that circumstances may lead to such decisions.

Termination of the Terms of Service is possible at any time, with a three-month prior notice requirement. This ensures that Cloud-IAM customers have ample time to smoothly transition to their new service.

Will I be able to bring back Keycloak and its data to my infrastructure? 🔄

Absolutely! At Cloud-IAM, we prioritize avoiding vendor lock-in. You have unrestricted access to production-ready Keycloak environments.

To put it simply: no-vendor lock. When you choose a paid plan, you gain access to the Export feature. This enables you to perform a complete dump of the dedicated PostgreSQL database, which you can safely re-import into your own database. This includes critical information such as IDs, password hashes, and certificates. Our dedicated team has streamlined the process, allowing you to execute a comprehensive data export in just a few minutes.

Why do we provide such an easy option to terminate service Cloud-IAM?

Simply put, it's the philosophy of our company.

We firmly believe that our customers choose to stay with Cloud-IAM, just like our other delighted customers, because they value the unparalleled level of operation and reliability we consistently provide.

Even if you decide to bring Keycloak back to your own infrastructure with your Ops team for different reasons, such as legal or technical considerations, we ensure that the process is remarkably straightforward.

🛠️ You're in control!