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Frequently asked questions

How to impersonate (a user with specific rights that connect as another user)

Keycloak offers out of the box support for impersonation.

Cloud-IAM support team can help set impersonation if the customer has issue with the official documentation.


impersonate role must be set to the Keycloak user to enable impersonation feature.

What "User" term mean in your pricing plans? user or active user per time period?

When we refer to a "User" in our pricing plans, we are specifically counting the total number of individuals registered into Keycloak within your deployment. This includes users registered via various methods such as AD, LDAP, Social-Login, and more.

Example for Clarity :

Let's consider your current scenario:

  • Total Users: 49,000 individuals have been registered into Keycloak through various authentication methods. (AD, LDAP, Social-Login, and more.)
  • Active Users (monthly): 11,000 users actively engage with the system in a given month.

💡Solution : In this context, when choosing a plan, it's crucial to consider the total number of registered users, which in this example is 49,000. Therefore, a plan that accommodates more than 49k users, such as the Power-Panda Plan with up to 50k users available, would be suitable.

I have few more User than a plan suggested by Cloud-IAM, what should I do before migrate to Cloud-IAM?

If you find yourself with more users than your current Cloud-IAM plan accommodates, you have a couple of options to address the situation:

1. Evaluate the Recommended Plan:

Before onboarding to Cloud-IAM, carefully consider the plan suggested by our system. Assess your current user count and growth projections for the future. If the suggested plan aligns with your current needs and accommodates anticipated growth, it's a wise choice for seamless integration.

Example for Clarity :

Let's consider your current scenario:

  • Total Users: 11,000 individuals have been registered into Keycloak through various authentication methods.
  • You thinking about choosing the Roaring-Rabbit plan (Up to 10k Users)

💡Solution : In this context, considering the Roaring-Rabbit plan accommodates up to 10,000 users, and your user count is 11,000, it's advisable to choose the next available plan. The Power-Panda Plan with up to 50,000 users would be suitable for your situation.

2. Plan for Future Growth:

Consider your organization's growth trajectory when selecting a plan. Opt for a plan not only suitable for your current user count but also one that allows for future expansion. Cloud-IAM plans are designed to adapt flexibly to your evolving requirements.

3. Purge Unnecessary Users:

If your current user count exceeds the recommended plan and adjusting the plan is not feasible, consider purging unnecessary users. Review your user list and identify inactive or obsolete accounts. Cleaning up your user base ensures optimal resource utilization.

Note: Exercise caution when purging users, ensuring compliance with data retention policies. Safely remove genuinely inactive or obsolete accounts to streamline your user base.

By following these steps, you'll be better prepared to migrate to Cloud-IAM with a user count that aligns with your organization's needs and future growth. If you have further questions or need assistance, our support team is ready to help.