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Two-Factor Authentication โ€‹

Enabling 2FA requires users to add a new device to Keycloak, significantly enhancing the security of their accounts. You can managed the 2FA through Cloud-IAM Application.

On Cloud-IAM Application โ€‹

Self-Configuration โ€‹

Users can independently configure 2FA via the Cloud-IAM dashboard. This is achieved by clicking the 'Configure 2FA' button located on their account settings page.

Enforce MFA

Additionally, users have the ability to manage their devicesโ€”either by adding new ones or removing previously configured ones.

Organizational Policy โ€‹

Organizations have the provision to set specific policies. Within the organization's Dashboard, the 2FA status is visible and can be altered by navigating to the organization's settings. Upon establishing these policies, all members will be prompted to add a new device, provided they haven't done so already. Enforce MFA for your organization