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FAQ - Rolling upgrade

What does zero downtime mean?

It refers to the ability of an application to maintain uninterrupted operation, even when updates or deployments are performed. This involves the implementation of redundancy mechanisms to ensure that the application is always available for users, even during maintenance operations. This can improve the quality of service of the application for end users by ensuring that the application is always available for them, even during maintenance operations.

Do not confuse zero downtime with hot reload, which is a feature that allows developers to reload modifications to the source code of an application without interrupting its execution. This means that developers can immediately see the results of their modifications on the running application, without having to restart the application or even leave their development environment.

Zero downtime at Cloud IAM?

We guarantee you zero downtime when using our service, for example when updating your configuration or custom extension. The only exception is when upgrading, where zero downtime is totally possible but cannot be guaranteed at 100%.