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Deployment lifecycle

The deployment is automatically managed by Cloud-IAM and its status is reflected in the Cloud-IAM Console.

When the deployment is in a normal state, it is marked as RUNNING.

Through the API or the Console, the customer can interact with the deployment. Some actions such as managing custom extensions, setting environnement variables, ... require to restart the Keycloak cluster. This is smoothly done through a rolling upgrade over all the nodes of the cluster.

During this period, the deployment is marked as STARTING. For the end-user point of view, the rolling upgrade is transparent.
However, the deployment in the Cloud-IAM system is frozen until it is RUNNING again. This is done to ensure the deployment changes are applied atomically and to keep the deployment consistent.

If, for any reason, during a rolling upgrade, the process could not complete, the deployment is marked as ERROR.
This happens for instance, when a custom extension is not properly packaged, with missing classes, ... In this case, the process is interrupted and the deployment is blocked in this state.

Please note that even in the ERROR state, the Keycloak cluster might still be available. Usually, only one node of the cluster is missing and this error is seamless for the end-user.

In such case, please contact the support so that the Cloud-IAM support team helps to diagnose and heals the deployment.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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