Cloud-IAM Console tour

In order to create a new deployment, the user must login / register to the Cloud-IAM Console at

Login page

After the login, user is redirected to the list of deployment associated with its organization.

Deployment list

The Create Deployment button can be used to trigger a new deployment associated with the organization.

Create a new deployment

After the Deployment settings have been validated, the user is redirected to the payment screen to enter its billing information.
Two payments methods are allowed, Credit Card and SEPA Direct Debit.

In this screen, user can enter an optional coupon.

Payment method

When the payment has been validated by our partner, the automatic process of creation is triggered.
It can take between 10 and 30 minutes to create the dedicated infrastructure depending on the cloud provider.

Wait until the creation is complete

After the deployment has been created, configured and pre tested by our process, an email is sent to the members of the organization with the initial credentials of the deployment.
The user should double check this mail has not been treated has a SPAM.

Credential emails

From here, the deployment is available for use 👌
In case of any issue, the customer should not hesitate to contact the support team.

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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