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Custom Domains

Note: You must have a Dedicated infrastructure plan subscription or higher to access the Custom domain feature.

Domain customization allows you to use your domain instead of redirecting your consumers to the Cloud-IAM domain. It will help you maintain consistency and give a frictionless experience to your consumers.

In this article, we will assume that the domain my-custom.domain.tld will serve requests from the deployment

Custom domain

A CNAME entry must be created in the customer DNS registar with name my-custom.domain.tld that targets

Note: if you plan to create my-custom.domain.tld and my-custom is a DNS zone of domain.tld, then you'll need to create an ALIAS record instead of a CNAME. The ALIAS record must point to (be careful to add the trailing .)

In the end-user point of view my-custom.domain.tld becomes an alias of

The requests still go straight from the user's browser to the Cloud-IAM deployment without any additional server in the middle. Please note that the JWT token issuer (claim iss) will reflect your custom domain.

Cloud-IAM takes the responsibility of generating a valid TLS certificate for my-custom.domain.tld.

The requests are TLS encrypted end-to-end.

Once done, simply declare it through the Cloud-IAM console. This will trigger the certificate generation and installation in minutes.

Attach the custom domain to the deployment

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Updated on: 02/01/2023

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