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Little Lemur limitation

The Free plan Little Lemur is offered by Cloud-IAM with certain limitations.
Despite all the Keycloak features are available, Cloud-IAM features might be limited on this deployment.

Free plan deployments are operated on shared instance. This implies the data of multiple deployment are col localized on the same Keycloak instance.
The isolation is made at the level of a realm, where for paying plan the isolation is guaranteed at the infrastructure level.

Therefore, for security reason, this is not possible to open custom-extensions, logs, metrics features.
This might be exploit to access information from other deployments located on the same instance.

Even if they are free, the security and isolation remains our main concern regarding this deployment.

If you need one of this feature, take a look to the paying plans that could be canceled anytime.

Updated on: 15/12/2022

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