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How to upgrade from Little Lemur to a paid plan

Cloud-IAM Little Lemur is a free plan on shared Keycloak instances. It's not possible to directly upgrade a Little Lemur deployment to a dedicated cluster on a paid subscription (e.g. Roaring Rabbit).

You can use the following process :
- Register for a dedicated Roaring Rabbit plan at choosing the cloud provider and the region targeted for deployment.
- Contact our support with the name of the dedicated deployment you want to use.

Please note that it must be DNS-compatible and will be used as a sub-domain. For instance if you choose my-company-production, your IAM will be available at

You will be then able — of course — to customize your domain and upload custom extensions in order to setup a custom theme and even a dedicated keycloak extension.

Updated on: 15/12/2022

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