When migrating for a self-hosted Keycloak version to Cloud-IAM fully managed version most customers need to export their full Keycloak configuration including realm configuration, users, client configurations, user federation and so on.

1 - Create an export on self-hosted Keycloak deployment

On customer's self-hosted deployment use the Keycloak full export feature to export all your data inside a single file.

2 - Import exported file into the Keycloak Console of a Cloud-IAM deployment

Go to Cloud-IAM's Dashboard
Select the Keycloak deployment
Open Keycloak console
Click on "Import" (from the sidebar)
Keycloak console might display "Partial import" as a title but in fact it will also able to execute a full import based on the previously exported file
Select the file
Click on "Import"
Welcome to Cloud-IAM

🔥 Troubleshooting

"Script upload is disabled" Keycloak error when imported

When importing a previous export, Keycloak console might display — depending the customer's Keycloak version — a Script upload is disabled error. This can be fixed activating the "Write custom authenticators using JavaScript" in the configuration tab from Cloud-IAM's dashboard.

How to activate keycloak upload_script profile
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